Functionally Driven, Minimally Invasive



A dental filling is a dental restoration used to repair a damaged tooth, usually to decay, injury, or wear and tear. While the filling material may vary, it helps to restore the tooth to its original shape, function, and appearance once the decayed material is removed. The filling material can be made from various materials such as amalgam, composite resin, gold, or ceramics. Our dentists will helps you choose the best materials.

Other Options to Restore Teeth


Veneers are thin layers of material, usually porcelain or resin composite, that are placed over the front surfaces a person’s teeth to improve their smile’s appearance. Veneers are used to fix stains, chips, or misaligned teeth, They can also be used to protect the surface of damaged teeth. They are custom-made to fit the individual tooth and are bonded directly to the tooth’s surface, changing its shape, size, color, and overall appearance. Veneers are a popular cosmetic dental procedure. 


An inlay is used to repair a damaged or decayed tooth. It is a smaller repair than an onlay, usually fitting in the grooves or pits of a tooth’s surface, rather than covering one or more of its cusps.


An onlay is a dental restoration used to repair and strengthen a damaged tooth. It is similar to a filling but is a larger restoration covering a bigger portion of the tooth surface, extending to one or more of the cusps of the tooth.

Multi-Unit Restorations

Dental restorations involving multiple teeth are called multi-unit restorations. When adjacent teeth are damaged our dentist and oral surgeon will provide you the best options to repair your smile.