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Same Day Restorations – Cerec

Same Day Restorations – Cerec

Most dental restorative methods require two or more office visits. We understand how inconvenient this is and are proud to offer CEREC technology to restore your smile in a single visit! Whether you simply need a filling or have significant decay in a tooth requiring a full crown, Dr. Leone will prepare the tooth for a restoration by removing decay and administering an anesthetic. Next, he will take digital photographs and optical impressions of your teeth an easy process which doesn’t require messy bite trays or long wait times.

The photographs and impressions are entered into our CEREC software and the data is sent to a milling machine in our office. A ceramic block matching the shade of your tooth is placed into the milling machine and within a short time is made into the restorative product that you need. We will make sure that the restoration fits comfortably in your mouth before bonding it to the prepared tooth. Just like that, you have finished with no return trip required. We know you will appreciate the speed and accuracy of your dental care at Leone Dental Group.

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